A Rare Treat: An All-Art Issue from Rare Magazine

Frisco Gold by Jann Alexander © 2013
Frisco Gold by Jann Alexander © 2013

Featured in the Art issue of Rare this month, my work (including my Vanishing Austin photo series) is in good company with many notable Austin visual and performing artists: Rare Magazine :: August/September 2009 :: Art 

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  1. I love your photos and I'd love to see some text on the Vanishing Austin site about each one of the landmarks and its status, since I've lived here my entire life and this is the first I've heard that some of these (the Alamo Drafthouse and the Tiniest Bar, for instance) are endangered!


  2. thanks for your thoughtful comments.my concept is more about what might happen when we are caught off-guard. the Tiniest Bar is overwhelmed by the Monarch condo tower behind it, in my photo–as an example of the contrasts we face here in Austin. the Alamo Drafthouse location that I have in my photo series is gone–it was in the Warehouse District. btw, the Warehouse District is VERY endangered–with no historic protection except for the Spaghetti Warehouse building, any of those historic structures could be gone tomorrow. Visit Austin's Heritage Society website for more on this issue, and to sign an online petition that will be presented to City Council on Sept 24. here's the link: http://heritagesocietyaustin.org/WarehouseDistrict.html


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