I’d Ride the Zephyr

Ride the Zephyr by Jann Alexander © 2013
Ride the Zephyr by Jann Alexander © 2013 . . . if only I could

I encountered a train switching yard on a bike tour of South Dakota’s Black Hills a few years ago, and was mesmerized by the abandoned rail cars there. They had stories to tell, I was sure. They offered texture, contrast and details galore for the photographer, too, and I was lucky that my traveling companions paused to allow me some time with my camera.

If I could, I’d ride the Zephyr. Its large arched windows would allow a perfect vantage point  for making photographs of the countryside and urban scenes that the Zephyr would roll lazily through, at just the perfect speed for a camera to record the details. Train travel affords a luxury that auto travel does not: here in the US, anyway, trains roll along as though oblivious to time, space and modern concerns, and the traveler, too, soon slips into the wormhole.

—Jann Alexander, photographer

Where’s your nostalgia ride going to take you?

Daily Prompt: Trains, Plains and Automobiles from The Daily Post @ WordPress.com prompted this post of a memory and an image I cherish. Thanks, Daily Prompt.

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    1. I’d have to look back at my travel itinerary to figure this out, but I can definitively say it was along the George Michelson trails in one very short section that put cyclists off the paved trail to traverse through a small town, before finding the way back to the dedicated trail. And of course, it was an old rail yard full of abandoned trains. My cycling companions were very generous to wait for me to stop for photographs. Though they were mystified as to why I would.

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