Far From Home: Traveling in Time

I’ve traveled far from home, and farther back in time than I’ve ever traveled in miles covered.

I’ve seen the Dust Bowl in the Texas Panhandle in the 1930s; been to old movies at the Cavern Theatre in Carlsbad, New Mexico in the 50s; later, I had “the best food around” at Carlsbad Caverns, after I’d traded for souvenirs at the Apache Trading Post; I bought tobacco and whiskey at the Longhorn Saloon back in 1906, in Scenic, South Dakota, on the Lakota-Sioux reservation; on a hot summer day in 1947, I slurped a frozen custard at Sandy’s in Austin, Texas and admired its Art Deco power plant building; drank a shot or two of the best they had at Moonshine Gulch, South Dakota, way back in 1862; then shopped in Wall Drug, South Dakota, in 1931, for just about anything I ever wanted; and I’ve been so much further in my time travels, it’s hard to tell it all here, much less add it all up.

I raced over the back roads in a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger, just like Agent Maxwell Smart, but mine was top-down and fire-engine red; it propelled me to Austin for a greasy, satisfying burger at Hut’s Hamburgers; I hit the road again to drive Route 66; I met a little roper along the way who demonstrated his roping tricks for me.

But the farthest I ever did travel back in time was to the 16th century, to Izamal, in Yucátan, Mexico, where the native Mayans were building a massive monastery atop their astounding ancient pyramid, so that the Franciscan priests from Spain could have a church to teach them all the true religion. Sometime later, the monastery was painted all yellow, and its tower clock stopped forever.

My time travels haven’t stopped yet. 

Shop For Art Here. This post was prompted and inspired by Daily Prompt: Far From Home, with a visual boost from my lifelong habit of photographing all things vanishing, especially in Austin, Texas at VanishingAustin.com; more images at Time Travels.

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Endangered Species of Austin, poster by Jann Alexander © 2009
Endangered Species of Austin poster

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