What’s Vanished Since 2004?

A lot of Austin has gone missing since I began my Vanishing Austin photo series in the spring of 2004.

For one reason or another—losing their leases, making way for condos, hotels, chains and new buildings, relocating for cheaper rents, gentrification, new urbanism trends, losing a long-time customer base, or owners just being plain tired of the way things are now—there are about 30 Austin landmarks in my photography series that live on only in memories and print.

Endangered Species of Austin, poster by Jann Alexander © 2009
Endangered Species of Austin poster, $25

A poster of some 16 of Austin’s then-revered icons, created in 2006 and somewhat fliply called the Endangered Species of Austin, became prophetic when half of them actually did vanish.

What I prize most about Austin is its funky, creative, all-embracing, vibrant, imaginative, come-one-come-all style, looks and attitude. When we lose one of these unique little landmarks, one that may not even be all that notable or known, it’s as if a little piece of Austin’s creative soul has vanished, too.

These are just some of Austin’s vanished ones; see the rest HERE.

Gallery | What’s Vanished Since 2004

How do you feel about these missing places—does their loss touch your soul, too?

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BUY THE POSTER of some 16 of Austin’s icons, called the Endangered Species of Austin.

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