Dumping Facebook, Dating Twitter, Avoiding LinkedIn and Flirting with Google+

Flirting with Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
Flirting with Google+ (Since Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Are All So Demanding)

Dear Diary,

Just between you and me, I’m feeling a bit unloyal to Twitter, now that the sexy new Google+ is strutting his stuff. Please please don’t share this with Twitter.

I’ve been having a blast with Twitter ever since Facebook and I broke it off. Twitter is just not demanding the way Facebook was, always asking me how I was feeling, and where I was, and who I was with.

LinkedIn, that sorry stiff my mother hopes I’ll date if I’m nagged enough, keeps hanging around, too. LinkedIn is just way too stuffy, no fun at all, so serious, all business. Sometimes I get the feeling that he’s always watching me. With LinkedIn lurking constantly, making me feel guilty, I just want to avoid him! He’s always asking me, Have you updated your profile lately? Have you added your latest project? What about recommending so-and-so for her amazing (whatever) skills? And so forth. I think LinkedIn is actually jealous of my very public relationship with Twitter, and is trying really hard to make me settle down and get serious.

Except I’m not ready to commit yet, to anyone, least of all Mr. Serious LinkedIn! Are you listening, LinkedIn? I’ve been having such an awesome time with Twitter since that Facebook debacle, and our causal, fleeting, tweeting relationship is just right for me now. No way will I get head-over-heels again, after Facebook and I came to such an ignominious end. I lost half my Facebook friends before I even got to know them when they had to take sides. Ridiculous.

“I really fell so hard for Twitter! Still am addicted.
It’s just that Google+ is looking so so sexy these days.”

So Twitter has been just right for me ever since then. I really fell so hard for Twitter! Still am addicted. It’s just that Google+ is looking so so sexy these days. That new look is crazy. He’s so open and willing to share. I can read him like a book. That’s very appealing, you know, since I’ve always had this nagging feeling that Twitter and I were kind of operating on a very superficial level.

I know, I know, I wanted superficial!! That’s why I fell for Twitter at first. But now Google+ is looking like just as much fun, but with a little more pizzazz. A little more substance. More cool, more reflective, even a bit more intellectual.

Am I reading too much into all this, Diary? Am I just a bit tired of Twitter’s on-the-go reputation? Sometimes it just seems like soooo much work to keep Twitter satisfied. He’s reminding me of The Little Shop of Horrors. Feed me! FEED me! FEED ME!!

And what if I dump Twitter and then Google+ turns out to be less satisfying, after all? What if Twitter won’t take me back? I can’t ever, ever go back to Facebook. No way. I’m really not that desperate.

Woops! Look what time it’s gotten to be! Gotta go check Tweetdeck now. And maybe I’ll sneak a chat with Google+ (if Twitter doesn’t notice). Honestly, online dating can be such a challenge. More later, Diary.

Oh PS Diary, you absolutely CANNOT post this on Facebook! Promise. 

When I’m not dating, I’m photographing, painting, writing, designing and making fine art prints. Visit and shop at my  Art + Photo Shop.

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