Looking for a Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon by Jann Alexander © 2013
Lost Horizon by Jann Alexander © 2013

“Horizon. The space or line where the sky meets the earth.”

There’s a place along Maine’s Casco Bay where the meeting of earth to sky is ill-defined in blues and aquas, a distant connection of summer sunset to shimmering water, nearly lost in the day’s waning light. Where peace descends to anyone looking for the lost horizon. 

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Rick! Your suggestion would be right-on if I’d wanted the boat to be the focal point. But truthfully, I was more taken with the convergence of the light in the sky with the light in the water—and the golden highlights from the sky that reflect in the lower right of the image, echoing what was above, were most important to me. To me, the boat served as an anchor to impart scale. That said, it’s nice to have another pro opinion, thanks again.


  1. Truly evocative. I wanted to merge with the sea and the sky. All that ethereal blueness. Thought Kristi and Loren might enjoy this gorgeous way of seeing the vista from their backyard. Diane


  2. I actually agree Jann. I found when i looked at it i got lost in the shades,, the light and the overall abstract calmness of it. Had the boat been more present that message wouldve been compromised. Blue is a wonderful color to feel. Also how does a Texas gal come up north and show us all where our beauty lies? Awesome awesome photo.


    1. Blue is indeed a wonderful color to feel (and hear in music too) in all of its many shades. It’s always been my favorite color. So to find it in Maine in so many variants is mesmerizing for me. Truly, I’m East Coast at heart but I got to Austin as quick as I could. And you know how it takes a fresh eye to see what everyone else has long become accustomed to. Thanks for visiting and sharing how this image moves you! It was photographed at a cabin with a view I can never tire of.


        1. Ok. Im very impressed by your sense for color and the general moods you present. I live for art in all its forms . Its is my sustenance.. So i will order online. I am tom from new jersey. Just in case


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