Finding Inspiration With An Artist’s Poem

Artist's Poem by Jann Alexander © 2013 (1 of 1)
Artist’s Poem by Jann Alexander © 2013

Ain’t no sunshine. It’s a dreary, dull, drab, gray day. A day that demands a wing and a prayer to find inspiration. A day for an Artist’s Poem, one I wrote and hand-lettered while under the influence of The Artist’s Way, the Serenity Prayer and yoga mantras. ♣

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2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration With An Artist’s Poem

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  1. So you do a bit of calligraphy? I’ve got to get back into it. Guess what, the post office can’t recognize calligraphic hand written addresses on my Christmas cards.


    1. I’ve found that the calligraphy pens you can buy are an easy way to get into it when you don’t want to deal with nibs and India ink . . . Unreal that the post office can’t read it! Here in Texas the elem schools are deciding not to even teach cursive anymore. That is so wrong on so many levels I can hardly contemplate it! Thanks for commenting. Share some calligraphy with us!


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