Windows and Doors Have Stories to Tell . . .

How can you pass by an intriguing window or door by without making note, or making a picture? There’s a story to be told behind them . . . Doors and windows are openings to


Beckoning by Jann Alexander © 2014

Who is this woman Beckoning? and why? Or is she beckoning no one? Is she merely wary, curious, observant?

. . .


SD_The Train That's Not Running_3492_15x11_by Jann Alexander ©2013

Why is this the The Train That’s Not Running? When it stopped running, and was abandoned on a South Dakota yard with dozens like it, had it seen more glorious days?

. . .

The Soul

Mission Mexico / Desert ReflectionsWhat distortions and contortions of the soul could be seen behind the Desert Reflections mirrored within a desert church window, if the reflective coating were invisible?

. . .

Untold Stories

PL_TX_Rio Grande_2910_11x17_by Jann Alexander ©2013What stories could be told by those locked out, or those locked behind, a Grill in the Valley of an abandoned church in southwest Texas?

. . .

Lives Lived

Mission MexicoHow many lives were noted, then forgotten, after burials from a bright red funerary church in Mexico? Is a reflection of a Red Church in a Blue Window also a reflection of the import of lives lived, but lost?

. . .

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Inspiration from Photo Challenge: Window
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