7 Steps to Everyday Creativity

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Coffee Gets Creative in Mocha Madness by Jann Alexander © 2011

“We can enhance our creative output by looking at everyday acts as creative exploration.”  Tweet: Make creativity into an everyday thing in 7 steps by focusing on the everyday. http://ctt.ec/TkQ4a+ #creativity #howto

Take just one step every day to coax your creative spirit out of hiding, and in a week, you’ll be celebrating your creative rejuvenation:

  1. Think back to yesterday, and identify a creative aspect in each activity, no matter how routine or insignificant it seemed. It can be a reaction, an observation, a thought, an idea, a solution, a process, a task, a chore.
  2. Make a commitment to note the creativity you bring to each activity of the day. It’s reinforcing to keep a notebook handy to jot down your impressions.
  3. After a week or so, review the journal you’ve made of your creative actions. Look for patterns to your actions. Notice which outcomes pleased you most. Which ones challenged you?
  4. During the next week, work towards building on the patterns and outcomes that were most fulfilling. Try applying them in a new situation—one you might not cheerfully embrace, but that will challenge you.
  5. Explore unknown places and new destinations with a creative eye. Look for details you might usually pass over. Use your observations to allow some creative ideas to well up. See where they might lead . . . to a new journal, a new class, a new undertaking, a new hobby, a new connection.
  6. Relax about your creativity while you’re rebuilding it, and read advice from others who have enhanced their creativity.
  7. Check back in with yourself every few days, then every few weeks, and every few months, until it’s just an ordinary creative habit to review your progress and process.

Remember to celebrate the steady reemergence of your creativity. It’s always been there for you, just waiting for you to acknowledge it. 

How do you practice your creativity?

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