Finding Art in Architecture

Open by Jann Alexander © 2012
Open by Jann Alexander © 2012

“Art is everywhere: in nature, in architecture, in literature, and more. It’s anywhere we see beauty and meaning.”

—Michelle W., writing on Works of Art

Finding art in architecture is easy when your eyes are trained to look for design. Some of the best places to contemplate architectural design are small towns (like Genesse, in the New York Finger Lakes region). Many small towns honor their architectural beauties of the past. Genesse demonstrates its sense of place by preserving its art deco icons—they’re not mere monuments, but working buildings, lovingly maintained and appreciated by patrons, owners and visitors alike.

They brew a damn fine upstate New York beer in Genesee, too. The town’s finely-preserved architecture isn’t the only reason to visit.

Genesse Beer by jann Alexander © 2012
A good brew and patriotic, too: Genesse Beer by jann Alexander © 2012

See more photographs of my travels back in time here: Time Travels.

Where do you look for art, besides museum walls?

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  1. Stunning photographs, they reveal so much about modern history and the people who walked and worked here. Just discovered your site. What a find! Look forward to enjoying more.


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