Finding That Sweet Lagniappe in Photography

Orange on Milkweed by Jann Alexander © 2014
Orange on Milkweed by Jann Alexander © 2014

It never fails to happen. Like white on rice, you fail to see, and then you do.

You move in close to photograph an appealing flower, bright sun behind you obliterating your camera screen and flaring into your viewfinder, and you shoot, again, and again, over and over blindly from various vantage points, hoping that something you’ve captured will be what you were looking for in the first place.

Back at your Mac, its display properly color-calibrated and your room lighting neutral, you search through your take in Lightroom, select a few images and zoom in closely to see their details . . . and voilá! There’s your lagniappe, your Lucky Strike Extra, your fantastic extra—that extra unexpected reward—a sublimely milky-gray butterfly going in for the sweet stuff on your milkweed macro, a spot of orange on wings its only giveaway.

There it is, and it’s yours—that extra detail to make the shot an image. 

“Look for that extra detail that makes a shot an image.”  

Take at look at more of my photographs with some lagniappe at my Naturescapes Shop.

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  1. Your description of the moment is so familiar – no time to search for the link now, but I photographed a great scene of sunny eastern WA farmland from the car window last year, came home, opened in LR, and voila! There was a young man stretched out, with his hands behind his head, on a tractor stopped in the field.


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