A Contrast Between Life and Death

Snowed Under in Seco by Jann Alexander ©2013
Snowed Under in Seco by Jann Alexander ©2013

Photography excels at capturing contrasts—between dark and light, shadow and bright, death and life.

This was a contrast that shouted death, where there should have been life.

The contrast couldn’t have been more stark. A tiny marker for a child’s grave, alone on a cold New Mexico morning, brilliant white snow and bright light overwhelming the dark shadow it cast. A morning devoted to mourning, for a lost soul alone in the snow, in Seco. 

Alone in Seco by Jann Alexander © 2012
Alone in Seco, oil on canvas


La Santisima Trinidad, a mission church in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, painted in oil on canvas (22×28”), by Jann Alexander © 2012. More photographs and paintings from my Mission: Mexico series are here.

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      1. So many things about this picture speak to me. First of all – the title. Second of all the image of Christ on the cross. And then the whiteness of the blanket snow – peaceful and it makes me think of Heaven. Wow, all that in a picture. Thank you for asking.

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      1. I was taken to many funerals as a child. Some people find cemeteries creepy, but to me they are peaceful. After all, they are places of (eternal) rest, and yes, I do wonder at the stories of those who lie beneath.


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