Make My Tequila Reposado, With a Shot of Snapseed

tequila bottles
Not Contained for Long by Jann Alexander ©2014

How do you shoot tequila? Chances are, whatever your preferences, it won’t stay contained for long, if you throw a tequila-tasting party.

Your glorious array of glassware and bottles may not even last long enough to capture with your iPhone, when you start out a dinner party with this easy, memorable celebration. Offer tequila that’s 100% agave in three forms: blanco (silver, and unaged), reposado (rested, in oak containers, for at least two months) and añejo (aged in oak barrels for more than a year). Share them, and compare them, with your guests in small shotglasses. Serve with limes, salt, sliced jicama sticks and salsa, plus garlic and jalapeño-stuffed olives.

Your iPhone photos of the festivities can party, too, using a few simple improvements made with the Snapseed app. Try the Tilt-Shift effect to bring the focal point into the image center, blurring the outer edges; the Tune Image adjustment to brighten and improve contrast slightly; the Crop effect to straighten and crop as needed; and the Details tweak to sharpen it a bit. Voilà! Instant party and instant iPhone memories whenever you shoot tequila. ♣

Find out more of what there is to know about tequila here: Experience Tequila. More of my Lightscapes are HERE.

How do you like to shoot your tequila? Reposado, with a lick of Snapseed?

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