There Is Truth In What You Paint: Yours

#JustPaint Poster ©2014
#JustPaint Poster ©2014


if you’re a painter, and it’s part of your soul and the way you breathe, you know it, and you have a special gift. The price you pay for that gift is that you’ll have to let go of your perfectionism. A painting can never be perfect. It can be pleasing, it can thrill its viewers, it can be admired for its technical prowess, it can be calming or bold, provocative or evocative, but perfection isn’t what painting is about.

“Art is more real than you realize. There is truth in what you paint.”  

Painting is about the process. And the process is messy. It’s an unknown journey, in a way—not unlike traveling and child-rearing and life itself. It’s about getting there, learning, experiencing and all of the wonderful tactile pleasures of making something with your hands. It’s about your memories, your fantasies, your moods. It’s more real than you may realize. There is truth in what you paint.

How can you find your truth in your art? You can establish your commitment, and let go of your need for perfection (continued): READ MORE.

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  1. Oh my god I so agree with this – my paintings reveal all, except few people except me know the language. If you had followed my art for decades you would know that my bold colors signify not anger but strength, that my deep texture means that I feel deeply, and arresting compositions in MY art are confidence and the desire to shake things up a bit. And those codes are only the tip of the iceberg. I once had a guy – a guy I was doing a custom painting for – tell me that because of some recent disturbing world news events I probably would not be able to paint for a while….are you kidding me? I used my agony, I employed it as if it were my servant, and his painting was better for it.
    I could go on and on about this – and I often write hidden messages in my art – because it is abstract, few people ever find them….my art speaks, but the language is my own.


    1. Jo this is so dead on. I’m glad my post resonates with you. When you click the READ MORE link at the end of the post, you’ll have a pleasant surprise as to where that leads you. It’s true of writing, too. When I am happy, I find it more difficult to get inside my characters’ heads and hearts. Angst really does make for better art. I guess that’s the positive side of agony. I believe in always seeking the positive side. I’ll bet you do, too.


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