Just One Word on Wordless Wednesday

yellow lobster buoys
Yellow by Jann Alexander ©2014


That’s it. Just one word. Though it pains me greatly to say no more, if it’s Wednesday, it must be wordless. Those are the rules, and sometimes I play by them. 

Want to know more about this collection of yellow? Jump to my Comments section, so you can ask, comment and answer. You can find more of my art, photography and especially my words HERE, at Pairings :: Art + What Goes With It. Do you have trouble sharing without words, too?

8 thoughts on “Just One Word on Wordless Wednesday

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    1. Thanks for commiserating, and also for opening up the opportunity to explain, Angeline. So! These once-used yellow lobster buoys, beached on a remote inlet in coastal Maine, were gathered there by a lobsterman whose claims were all uniquely marked in his trademark yellow. They surely made for easy sightings on the water as the lobster boats skipped over the waves on their daily rounds to check their traps. As to why they weren’t in use, I was puzzled. But I was also grateful for the amazing photo opp.


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