So Many Photo Apps, So Little Time

Windy Magnolia flower photo by Jann Alexander ©2014
Windy Magnolia by Jann Alexander ©2014

How many apps does it take to edit an iPhone photo? Sometimes, the auto-edit function built into the iPhone can make me happy. But more often, I’m using at least one photo editing app for improved color, contrast, brightness and detail, so generally, just one will do. But when you have several apps in your arsenal, why not see what you can do with two, or three?

In the case of a magnolia flower that began life as a fairly ordinary iPhone 5s image, with some distracting elements around its creamy white petals, I made technical edits in Snapseed, then tried some subtle filters in Photo fx Ultra, and finally applied ArtStudio‘s wind effect for fun. While not technically a photo editing app, having an artsy app like ArtStudio in your bag of tricks allows some painterly effects.

Do you think so many apps = so much time spent editing? Not once you get the hang of the way the apps work. Yes, there are so many photo apps, for edits and filters and painting effects. And yes, they actually do take so little time to work their magic.

There are so many creative approaches, in fact, to picture editing via app that you many want to get your iphoneography motor running—with a look at the contributors to Sally Donatello’s monthly Nature challenge here: Lens and Pens by Sally. ♣

Next time: Drop by to see my approach to editing my high resolution DSLR images with my iPad apps. And to see more of my nature photographs, made without my iPhone but made better with post-processing, visit my Naturescapes Shop.

What’s your approach to iPhone photo editing?

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11 thoughts on “So Many Photo Apps, So Little Time

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  1. I like your final edit of this flower. As far as apps go: I have been removing some from my mobile devices each month, even the ones I paid for. I look at them like I do at magazines—when I am done with them, or no longer re-reading them I throw them out—and apps are cheaper than magazines these days.

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    1. Thanks Allan. Funny you mention that–in preparing this post, I rearranged and ordered my top apps for the screen shot I used, and in the process, did the same. Especially the annoying apps with “in-app” purchases. I prefer paying for a good app and not being bothered again for upgrades. And you’re so right about magazines as apps!

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  2. Oh, I agree with Allan. I try some that are recommended. Often it seems that they are not as good as my usuals. But I like trying, and sometimes discovering one that I most continue to use. Magnolia is a favorite spring flower. Nice that I can see your beauty, because autumn is about to arrive. Happy Photo Challenge.

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      1. I meant that dabbling with the apps can consume lot of time as it’s so addicting. I have a number of apps on my phone but end up putting my photos on my laptop and editing them with Picasa 3. I like the size of the photos better that way. 🙂

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        1. Yes, size is a huge factor (pun intended) and if I didn’t have my iPad to edit on, I wouldn’t do it. That said, I usually take my iPad-edited images into Lightroom on my iMac to embed my copyright and watermark them, and to verify that I like the tweaks I made in the photo app(s). And it surely does take a lot of time, all of the dabbling! I try to limit mine to just a few tried-and-true apps. But . . . call me an Appaholic.

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