Let There Be Rust!

See the USA by Jann Alexander © 2013-3109
See the USA by Jann Alexander © 2013

Don’t tell the folks at Rustoleum, but we photographers really like rust and are frequently pleased upon discovering visual evidence that their product hasn’t been adopted by the masses. Behold the visual evidence. Click any image to play a rusty slide show. Want to put some rust on your wall? That can be arranged. Contact me about ordering rusty prints. 

I’m frequently shooting things from the past; sometimes they’re rusty, often not. You’ll find them in my Time Travels, HERE. Let There Be Rust! was prompted by Sue Llewellyn’s Word a Week challenge to show rust. No need to ask me twice.

I don’t mean to get too personal, but how do you feel about rust?

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18 thoughts on “Let There Be Rust!

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      1. I haven’t posted any of my paintings yet. I would like to, but I’m having problems downloading pictures to my wordpress accout. No idea why, I’ve had my acct for 4 yrs.!


    1. Where does your grandson share his work, Sally? Would love to take a look. There are many artists who “work” in rust — as in rusty objects; with a simple Google search they emerge. It’s such a compelling subject. So evocative. Thank you for sharing and visiting.


  1. When I see photos or live visuals of an rusty object, it takes me back in time to usually very fond memories. The photo of the Pearl beer cooler is a prime example. My grandfather use to drink Pearl beer in very small glasses. Just seeing that image makes me smile.


  2. I love the rust on the yellow Chevy…a striking contrast. I never liked rust but I’ve seen photographers play with it and amazingly it looks bold and stunning. Great captures!


  3. Love your rusty photos!
    I haven’t really sought out rust as a subject, although I do like to photograph old and dilapidated buildings etc. Rust really does seem to have great potential.
    Quite ironic as my husband closely follows a blog put out by photographers who love air-to-air photography where rust would be a problem.

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