Finding the Light at Day’s End

As the sun sets and daylight wanes, the most magical palette lays down color on everything a camera can capture. From golden time to twilight to dusk, the best light can be found when it’s waning. ♣

Visit my Lightscapes series to see more photographs where light and shadow etch a pattern, or my Naturescapes shop for more images of the great outdoors, day or night. These photographs were made in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons—Contact me to order custom prints.

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13 thoughts on “Finding the Light at Day’s End

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  1. You are right, the colours turn magnificent at that time if the day. I like how pictures can look so differently depending on the time of the day. We could shoot the same thing under different lights along the day, it must be amazing how it can look.

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  2. Fairy light as I like to call sunrise or dusk, has been for me, tricky to capture best on my camera. I just have a point and shoot. No DSLR.

    I almost fear one day if I see northern lights, then I truly won’t be able to capture the magic moment! Once we were in the Rocky mountains at twilight and all the stars were out in the deepening night sky. Impossible to capture on my camera.


      1. We had the unexpected surprise when we went to Hawai’i Island and went up Mauna Kea, a dead volcano. It’s not that high compared to the mountains in British Columbia.

        The U.S. federal govern’t have there observatories and mega-telescopes. It was AMAZING. The whole sky was dusted with stars. I had never seen a sky so thick with stars!


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