When the Nighttime Is the Right Time

Neon Crossroads, 1980 by Jann Alexander © 2014
Neon Crossroads, 1980 by Jann Alexander © 2014

In 1980 at a mostly unmemorable crossroads, nighttime was coming on, and I was looking for a motel. Some options popped up against the dark purple night sky, etched in neon, way beyond Bartlett’s Market, Midwest Furniture with its Carpets, and a Cafe. I might need a cafe sooner or later, but I didn’t need any carpets. I kept moving on down the highway, but not without a stop to photograph what shows up best against a darkening midwest sky: neon signs. 

I’m frequently shooting things from the past. You’ll find more in my Time Travels, HERE.

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12 thoughts on “When the Nighttime Is the Right Time

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      1. Jann, how did you know I was afraid of shooting at nights. ;)Normally I’m patient but I go mad shooting at night time. It takes twice my time, energy and patience and I’m still not happy with the results. How do you shoot at night? 🙂

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        1. Didn’t know, and I was actually thinking of myself. The more you do anything, the easier it gets–the thing is not to fear night photography and just try it! Tricks of the trade include longer exposures, using tripods (or whatever’s stationary and handy, like a rock or a railing) and of course, having a source of light to focus on and around. Bracketing is key. Then there’s post-processing to make up for the camera’s failures . . . So it’s not always about the gorgeous golden time light. Mostly it is, though 😀


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