Time to Tap the Keys

Jack Kerouac quote
Kerouac said it best.  ©2014 Jann Alexander

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Are you writing yet? No? Find some inspiration with this “Classic Hoofing” clip:

Don’t recognize the device the dancers are tapping on?

You’re a lot younger than I am, and not necessarily wiser (yet). After you study up on Pop Chart Lab’s fabulous Visual Compendium of Typewriters, below, you’ll find enlightenment. And you can order the poster from Pop Chart Lab, HERE (though I suspect this option will appeal to those of you who already do recognize the device).

Pop Chart Lab's Visual Compendium of Typewriters
Pop Chart Lab’s Visual Compendium of Typewriters

You can find plenty more inspiration in my archive, Art + Writing [HERE]. So there’s no need to succumb to writers block. Just grab a cuppa joe or a glass of wine (why? see Tip #4, Use Your Crutches, in How to Create Just to Create), then settle back at the typewriter, and tap away, Ruby Keeler-style.

Ruby Keeler? You gotta ask? Now that’s another topic for another day.

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2 thoughts on “Time to Tap the Keys

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  1. Haha! I am definitely old enough to recognize that device – and to love the sound it makes, as well. Wonderful posters. As for needing writing inspiration, I’ve got plenty. My main trouble lately is corralling all my wild ideas. I’m not complaining, just a little overwhelmed!

    ~Tui aka @TuiSnider on Twitter dropping by from #WWWblogs, because I try to comment on all the blogs that I RT … and some weeks I’m much better at that than others! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tui, Thanks for RTing and many thanks for commenting. When I miss the sound of typewriter keys, I have an app for that 😀 Know just what you mean about inspiration–oh, where to put all of the ideas? In fact, how to get them down fast enough?


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