All On Board With Minimalism

All On Board by Jann Alexander ©2014
All On Board by Jann Alexander ©2014

A minimalist on board a Florida yacht finds a cool drink and some shade and not much else beneath her big round hat.

In the tradition of minimalism, paring down this image to its graphic shapes and clean colors seems apt. And what more is there to say, except to ask:

What influences your photography style?

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10 thoughts on “All On Board With Minimalism

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  1. I like the perspective of this, Jann, and the colors. Right now what influences my photography style most is just my wacky eye. I also like seeing what other people do, which then gives me other things to try to capture.

    Enjoy the weekend,


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  2. Your POV, the colors, shadows, the graphic element on the hat—all fabulous. And the tan, ah the tan…the perfect amount of a warm color to tie up all of the other elements. Great job.

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