Where Do Ideas Come From? Crazy Places

Inspiration and creativity are some pretty crazy bedfellows. Plenty of more philosophical and scientific minds than mine have devoted plenty of study and Talk to working out where ideas come from. This morning, I got some unsought insight into where ideas come from, while I was Thinking about The letter T in the shower, where most ideas actually do come from.

By way of quasi-answering The question I’ve posed, Where Do Ideas Come From, I’d like to share with you The strange and circuitous Tale of Travels of The mind while pondering the letter T.

While Thinking about The letter This morning, I recalled This great quote from poet Mary Oliver, which I dubbed “Tell about it.” The advice is pretty great: “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” This, I Thought, is just what I’ll do! I created This poster. [Download it to print.]

Tell About It ©2014 Jann Alexander
Tell About It  design ©2014 Jann Alexander

That Thought led me to Thinking about Tagging photographs, as I’d been reorganizing my photography library and putting some additional emphasis on giving apt Tags to my ridiculous accumulation of images. Yes, That Top number does say 15,806 pictures. Tags, as you may know, help you search Through Thousands of images to help you find just The one you forgot about.

15,806Photos in My Library
15,806 Photos in My Library

The images I was fondly recalling were a bit hazy to me, since many were Tagless, as it were, until I happened to glance at my beloved (and newest) coffee mug, from Grand Teton National Park, and The word Teton practically screamed at me. I promptly photographed my mug, drinking a bit of coffee as I went along, lest it get cold, and Then opened my best image on my iPhone in the app PhotoToaster, thinking about the T in Toaster as I Turned my coffee into a Tiny work of photo-art.

Teton Mug iPhoneography by Jann Alexander © 2014
Teton Mug iPhoneography by Jann Alexander © 2014

By Then I was busy diving into my photo library for my recent images (Tagged, all) made in the Tetons, from my Third visit There since childhood. Though I was planning to publish my photographs of a Thunderstorm hovering over the Tetons later this month, I could not resist sharing just one here, in the interests of following the letter T as it Traveled from my Texas home to the Tetons.

Storm Descending by Jann Alexander ©2014
T-Storm Descending by Jann Alexander ©2014

While diving into my drafts, an article I’m working on, Tentatively called Weird Shit Happens in Terlingua, caught my eye. Besides The fact That it’s just so much fun to say Terlingua (Try it), This news clipping will demonstrate The logic behind my working Title:

Weird Shit Happens in Terlingua
Weird Shit Happens in Terlingua

As you can see, inspiration and creativity are perhaps not so mysterious as the experts would have us Think. All of This came about simply because I was Trying to make some kind of connection with the letter T, inspired by the A-Z photo challenge. Take a look at what other lovers of the letter T came up with.  

The app I had fun with while editing my Teton mug iphone photograph is PhotoToaster. See my more serious prints HERE.

What do you Think of when you Think of the letter T?

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11 thoughts on “Where Do Ideas Come From? Crazy Places

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  1. Tickle, titillate, triumph, try, touch and best of all (always) TIGER. I’ve always been labeled “creative” sometimes with a sneer sometimes as if it were a disease sometimes as if I’m lucky to “be” that way — but it’s just a matter of seeing the connections between things and the possibilities in the empT spaces. This was really fun to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Martha, so glad we connected over our shared misery at the inadequacies of WordPress. Keep me posted on how you like Medium. (I don’t see it as a replacement, btw, but a supplementary alternative). Where are your crazy ideas coming from today?


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