Behind the Scenes in New Orleans

When in Nawlins iPhoneography by Jann Alexander © 2014
When in Nawlins iPhoneography by Jann Alexander © 2014

There’s a famous place in New Orleans to go for café au lait and delicious deep-fried doughy fritters dumped (no, not dusted, but liberally dumped) with powdered sugar, called beignets, and if you don’t go there, you’ve missed one of the best reasons to be in the Big Easy. But if you don’t have to go to the bathroom, you’ll never see what’s behind the scenes at Café du Monde: the kitchen, where all of the fried, sugary magic happens. And from the looks of it, where all of the hard work is also the fun part. ♣ 

Behind the Scenes at Café du Monde iPhoneography by Jann Alexander © 2014
Behind the Scenes at Cafe du Monde  iPhoneography by Jann Alexander © 2014

What’s your favorite thing to do in New Orleans?

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  1. It has been too long since I’ve visited…what a wonderful place to people watch and enjoy one of the great food experiences in our country!
    Behind the scenes is a concept I find most appealing 🙂

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