A Year to Measure by the Numbers

Beachgoers by Jann Alexander ©2014
Beachgoers by Jann Alexander ©2014

When I look back upon a year, I look at it in terms of numbers. Numbers of photographs, that is. And by that measure, 2014 was a very good year for me.

Some 2,069 images made their way into my Lightroom catalog (of 16,035 total) in 2014, for viewing, editing and exporting, from locations all over the United States and Mexico. That gave me much material to work with from my ‘traditional’ cameras. And then there were my iPhone photographs, which defy quick accounting and cataloging, but delighted me none the less for it. (And which amounted to far more than their numbers might indicate, in terms of learning, app editing and immediacy.)

Beach Chairs by Jann Alexander ©2014
Beach Chairs by Jann Alexander ©2014

The photographs are significant to me for the memories they evoke of the eureka moment I felt when I knew I had a photograph. You know that feeling, too (don’t you?) when you are on the trail of a photograph because the light is so right, and then suddenly your lens shows you the scene the light was meant for.

Blue Screen by Jann Alexander ©2014
Blue Screen by Jann Alexander ©2014

There are times when my camera and its lens take on the power of a Ouija board, and I am merely their instrument. I exist just to push the shutter button, which I do with wild pleasure, thrilled just to hear the satisfying thunk of the lens’ split-second open-and-close.

Birds on a Wire by Jann Alexander ©2014
Birds on a Wire by Jann Alexander ©2014

I look up, and there’s a photo. I look around, and more appear in unlikely places.

Beach Rail by Jann Alexander ©2014
Beach Rail by Jann Alexander ©2014

The sky conspires with earthly offerings to show me photographs, where blue piles upon blue, and lines caress angles, and light floods my lens to make me pay attention, to keep my eye trapped to the viewfinder.

Beach Angles by Jann Alexander ©2014
Beach Angles by Jann Alexander ©2014

This is what it is to be smitten with photography, with light, with patterns and shapes and the framing of things, and of people.  [ TWEET THIS ]

Red Sky at Morning by Jann Alexander © 2008_1478
Red Sky at Morning by Jann Alexander ©2008

These are just a few of the scenes that grabbed me and demanded attention, when I was lucky enough to have my camera, and that I haven’t yet published, in 2014. For these, and for their many fellows in my image library, I am grateful. 

For a roundup from my photography archive, click HERE.

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17 thoughts on “A Year to Measure by the Numbers

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  1. Made me smile! Thanks … and “Birds on a Wire” made me think. There’s a powerful statement there about contraptions and connections, engineered and evolved shapes and lines, and being bolted in place vs. the freedom to fly away.


  2. What beautiful images, Jann, and equally wonderful thoughts to go along with them. I look forward to spending some more time on your blog as a new follower. Thanks for visiting and following mine. I’m honored!


      1. Exactly. It just feels so great to be able to capture moments, make beautiful images and share them with people. Though, it is more for me than for them, if I’m being honest 😉 And it’s nice to meet you too.

        Liked by 1 person

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