Growth Behind the Scenes

Cascade by Jann Alexander ©2015
Cascade by Jann Alexander ©2015

“Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little she achieves her work.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the great pleasures of hiking is coming upon a serene combination of rock, water and growth along the trail. Centuries have colluded to give up an enchanting mix of life for our eyes to feast upon, and to inspire us, tucked away in the cracks and crevices of evolution—atom by atom, little by little.

Thus do we all make the changes that spur our own growth. 

To see more photographs that celebrate the natural world, visit my Naturescapes Collection, HERE. The photo challenge ‘Serenity‘ inspired me to dig for sweet memories from an Arkansas hiking trip in Petit Jean State Park.

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