The Unlikely Duo for Self-Expression

Silent Waterfall | iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander
Silent Waterfall | iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander

Nature and technology make two unlikely bedfellows, yet when it comes to self-expression, they are natural companions. Tweet:

When challenged to Express Yourself” by the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, and given the added impetus to express myself with my iPhone by Sally’s Lens and Pens, I went right for the one thing that most reliably inspires me: nature. And I did it using the one camera I always have with me: my iPhone 5s.

Nature is always out there, just waiting for me, encouraging me to self-expression whenever I’m ready to take in the renewal offered by its bounty.

My iPhone is always along for a hike, since it’s the lightest camera I’ve got. And its results always make it the most fun camera to use when self-expression is on the agenda.

Having a camera along to record nature’s wisdom means that you can hear the lessons you’ve been taught later on, if you listen very closely, when you’re tucked in a reading chair back home to review the day’s photographs.

My iPhone encourages self-expression with its many functions, like HDRscapes, panorama or square formats, and with its updated editing capabilities and filters. For even more creative possibilities, there are almost as many photo apps as there are rocks in a river. The iPhone makes it so easy to record a video—in this case, of a waterfall made abundant by two days of hard Hill Country rain, in Austin’s McKinney Falls State Park. Listen closely. 

I edited my iPhone 5s panorama using Photo fx Ultra and Photo Toaster. Find more on iPhoneography tips and tricks HERE. To see more photographs that celebrate the natural world, visit my Naturescapes Collection, HERE. 

When you’re ready to express yourself, how do you use technology?

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