Being There Isn’t the Only Reward

The Reward Inside by Jann Alexander ©2015
The Reward Inside by Jann Alexander ©2015

As if being there isn’t reward enough, capturing a private moment for a more introspective image always is. To say nothing of the many memories made indelible by photographs, with the discovery of the unnoticed details emerging later, upon review. Young girls lock arms to rehearse a dance; a small boy runs into the frame unseen.

There, in the photographs above, is El Convento de San Miguel Arcángel de Maní, along the Convent Route in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. It’s a remarkable 16th century Franciscan compound, built on the backs of some 6,000 Mayan laborers, atop their demolished pyramid. 

See more photographs from my Mission Mexico gallery HERE. 

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13 thoughts on “Being There Isn’t the Only Reward

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  1. Beautiful. But how sad ” built on the backs of some 6,000 Mayan laborers, atop their demolished pyramid” . Would be so painful to see something important to you be demolished and then be forced to build something on top of it!

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    1. Painful, indeed, but that’s the history of the Spanish conquest of Central America, as I learned on that Yucatan journey to photograph the mission churches. The Franciscans followed on the heels of the conquerors to bring their religion to the Mayans, forcing them to dismantle their temples to their own gods to build churches to the new god. You see remarkable examples of it all over Yucatan, except in the pyramids that still remain today. Thanks for discerning the underlying story, Tina.


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