Not You. Rainy Days Don’t Get You Down.

On a recent rainy, chill day, I pondered the mystery of weather’s effect on creativity. I wondered if we become gloomy and incapable of putting pen to paper, or if rain somehow stokes the creative engines with its claustrophobic embrace? Outside my window on that miserable day, the skies looked like this:

The Rain on the Plains by Jann Alexander ©2015
The Rain on the Plains by Jann Alexander ©2015

Some of you were intrigued enough to answer this question, and responded to a poll I created (see the poll in Does Weather Affect Your Creativity?). I provided a write-in section in case none of the pre-determined multiple choice answers nailed your response. I asked this question,

“Do rainy days always get you down, or are they the best days for creativity?”

And you answered, some 44 of you (thank you!), certainly not enough to draw major implications, but enough to shock me with your singularity. Rainy days most decidedly do not get you down:

How Weather Influences Creativity
Poll Results: How Weather Influences Creativity

The respondents were quite a cheery bunch on rainy days. Unlike me, the majority of you didn’t let a little bit of grey, flat light get you down. You also offered some insights not possible in a poll, with your comments:

  • “Rainy days don’t slow me up at all. I even take long walks in the rain.”
  • “What could be more inspiring than a great storm?”
  • “Rainy days give me more energy.”
  • “Overcast, fog, drizzle, great macro and close-up weather.”
  • “If it’s winter rain, I just find other creative inspirations and outlets.”
  • “Rain and gloom allow me to flow and write. Sunshine allows me to flow with my camera lens.”
  • “Nope, rainy days do not get me down. In fact where I live we welcome the rain.”
  • “Great for photographs!”
  • “I get more energy when the weather is cooler and I especially love rain, mist and snow.”
  • “I don’t find that rain or sun affect my creativity per se, but the weather does affect the type of work I feel like creating.”
  • “A cast-over sky leads me inward, not bad for writing, a sunny day draws me outward.”
  • “I’m one of the rainy day photo editing people . . . I hate being rained on.”
  • “Usually I need sun, but today I’m feeling the rain’s embrace.”
Pot of Gold iPhone panorama by Jann Alexander ©2014
Pot of Gold iPhone pano by Jann Alexander ©2014

So there you have it. While most of you float in a boat buoyed by rain, I’m happiest absent water, when the sun shines bright with a rainbow coming out. Surprised me! Did the results surprise you? 

If you missed the poll, will you chime in about weather’s effect on you in the comments?

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