I Need a Reward


I really need a reward. I’ve been immersed in Quickbooks all day (when I wasn’t minding my Twitter feed) and yesterday (when I wasn’t escaping to the gym or checking my blog post stats) and there’s no other way to say it: Quickbooks sucks. Sure, you may know your way inside it and out, and you are probably an accounting type, and that’s grand for you. But if you’re a creative type, like me, and you long to be writing something meaningful, or creating a clever design, or editing some of your forgotten photographs, or just finding some #amwriting souls on Twitter to chat with, you can almost feel my agony at every mean lash of the Quickbooks whip.

Yes, Quickbooks, you are my accounting mistress and I must obey you in order to get my taxes done on time. But that won’t stop me from loathing your very non-Mac-friendly guts, your idiotic unfathomable procedures and your willingness to quit unexpectedly right as I’m making my most diligent entries.

You, Quickbooks, are why I need a reward.

The mere thought of any of my favorite treats, and the mere act of sharing photographs made of them in happier times, will do the trick.

Thank you, Quickbooks, for pushing me in to a more fulfilling pursuit. 

Click any image above to start a slideshow of my favorite things. See more of my photographs at my Art + Photo Shop, HERE. 

I’ll bet you don’t love accounting any more than I do, or do you?

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14 thoughts on “I Need a Reward

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  1. Au contraire, Jann, Quickbooks is as comfortable and familiar to me as the back of my… well, the back of my house, at least. Hope you get through it okay – I’m going to try to get out of here without seeing those pictures again. They’re making me hungry! 🙂

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      1. I taught myself bookkeeping back when I was a professional eBay seller, and liked it so much that I worked in the field for the ten years after that. I’ve worked with several different versions of QB and have set up a number of companies from scratch – and, of course, I use it for my own stuff, too. And sure – if you want to fly me out some of that Texas BBQ, I’ll hook you up 😉

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  2. Good luck with Quickbooks. I’ve always stayed away from it 😀 Brilliant photos of food and drink, well captured. I particularly like the last one of the salad – it has mandarins in it. Yummy!

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  3. I can see it now, your new creative endeavor. “50 Shades of Quickbooks.” Mr. CPA will see you now… I made the mistake of discovering the reward of a bottle of single malt scotch last week. Never reward yourself with something that cultivates your taste beyond what you can regularly afford.

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