Orange on Corduroy Like Flies on Rice

Glowing Orange Corduroy by Jann Alexander ©2015
Glowing Orange Corduroy by Jann Alexander ©2015

Here’s a Few Ski Tips.

Why should the visible surface of skis have all the fun? With her orange ski bottoms reflecting back on to the corduroy snow—and my iPhone 5s handy in my ski jacket pocket—a skier was persuaded to linger for an image I found irresistible, and a perfectly groomed Breckenridge, Colorado trail was preserved for a few moments longer. 

Do you keep your iPhone handy for tips like these?

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7 thoughts on “Orange on Corduroy Like Flies on Rice

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  1. Orange seems to be a popular word this week! Great picture! Visit my daughter’s most recent blog at Compass and Camera on WordPress – she is a travel writer and photographer – don’t know why I have not introduced you to her blog before now! She and I have a real love of orange and her blog of today is a great gallery of that color!

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    1. Well isn’t that a terrific show of orange, thanks for sharing that, Jo Ann. I’ve updated the link you provided to go right to her post, for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, Orange. Which explains why there’s so much of that going around. Glad you enjoyed mine, too.


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