Magic Made of Steel

iDallas Beyond by Jann Alexander ©2015
iDallas: Magic in a Blur  |  iPhonegraphy by Jann Alexander ©2015

Set your speed at 65 mph and take aim with your iPhone. Professional drivers only.

Dallas, never the easiest of cities to know, can pass you by in an elusive blur from the elevated freeway that encircles it like a forbidding moat. For passage within: roll up your Trojan horse, and take aim. For impressionistic views of what’s beyond reach, roll down your window, aim your iPhone at the diminishing light where it falls golden upon the city’s unpoetic towers, and make some skittery pastel magic of the steel and glass. Suggested speed: about 65 mph. Suggested driver: Not you. ♣

What’s your preferred speed to blur the view?

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11 thoughts on “Magic Made of Steel

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  1. I love this image. The soft colors add to the blurred mystery—at first I thought that it was a photo of objects on a desktop. what editing app did you use? Ω

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    1. Haha, I didn’t edit this one much, because any edits ruined the out-of-focus ethereal style I got accidentally. In Adobe Lightroom, I did a very slight clarity and saturation boost, and a wee bit of sharpening (about 45% at a .5 px radius), increased the contrast about 15% and called it done! Sometimes anything more you do is so heavy-handed it kills the feeling. Thanks for asking, and for visiting, Allan.


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