Top 5 Things To Do With A Fractured Fibula

Beneath My Feet iPhoneography by Jann Alexander ©2015.jpg
What’s Beneath My Feet: My Aircast Boot | iPhoneography by Jann Alexander ©2015

Ever since I fractured my fibula (left lateral distal fibula displaced fracture, malleolus, to be specific) five days ago, I’ve been doing nothing but looking down at what’s beneath my feet—something I wasn’t doing as I walked briskly along with my dog, Sally, on Monday morning, unaware of the sidewalk’s dramatic six-inch drop until I took a step into thin air and was sprawled on the walk below, my palms smarting from the impact with rough concrete. 

It didn’t take long to notice that my left ankle was smarting even worse. A visit to urgent care and the tiny cursor on my x-ray confirmed my fears.

iX-Ray  iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander
The cursor marks the spot. iX-Ray  |  iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander

There is a certain rhythm to treating a fracture like mine—one that may not require surgery (yay!), if weight is kept off it for two weeks, allowing nature to take its healing course throughout the next three months of recovery. The routine is simple, but consumes vast amounts of time and energy:

  • Ice in DonJoy Iceman foot case
  • Elevate
  • Encase in Aircast boot
  • Elevate
  • Repeat

(Emphasis on Repeat.) Insert Advil as needed but not to exceed recommended daily limits. Permission to begin wine hour earlier than usual: granted by medical professionals, when exercising common sense about (not) mixing alcohol with meds.

Exercising common sense is the only activity I’m allowed the next few weeks, as I await the next round of x-rays to determine whether nature is doing its job. But nobody ever said I can’t exercise vicarious thrills during this enforced inactive phase, and I’ve developed a keen urge to do the very thing I can’t. Satisfying this urge comprises my Top 5 List of Things To Do With a Fractured Fibula:

1. I won’t dance, so don’t ask me.

2. Maybe I can moonwalk, though.

3. Maybe not. Roller skates look easier.

Ouch! Excuse me while I ice the break.

iIcing iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander
iIcing  |  iPhoneography © 2105 by Jann Alexander

4. So you think you can dance?

5. I can’t. Hoof it, that is. But I can type.

Repeat. Heal. Dance again. And until then, #amwriting. 

Inspiration from the Daily Post’s beneath-your-feet photo challenge. There’s more on the writing process, HEREFor some iPhoneography tips and tricks, click HERE.

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32 thoughts on “Top 5 Things To Do With A Fractured Fibula

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  1. OMG Jann! So glad you are relatively OK altho I am sure this is not fun at all. I fell up some concrete steps recently – yes UP – and it hurt my knees so badly but I am fine. Nothing cracked. What the hell? We are still too young and spry for this action! Take care and behave yourself….

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  2. i did a tib fib compound blowout once upon a time back in 2000 an well, have a titanium rod an screws still in it an walk with right leg ppointing towards right forever , can’t snow ski anymore lol.oh well…. take care…… 8_)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yep when i went to peru they strip searched me lol….many years as a ski instructor, retired now, can still snowboard though ifn i feel like it but cannot handle falling any more… so i was on crutches 20 outa 24 months back then…hope ya heal fast ! .take care ! Q

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  3. Hope your ankle heals well Jan. I had my own accident, a head concussion where another cyclist collided into me. I was on disability leave this year and could not work in my job for a few months.

    Maybe your artsy adventures and thoughts be even stronger.

    Liked by 1 person

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