Bam White Plow

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  1. Ms. Alexander,
    My name is Wayne A. White. My Grandfather, C.B. White was one of Bam White’s grand-children. I knew about Bam before the book The Worst Hard Time came out. I’m originally from Amarillo but now living in Ft. Worth. Anyways, the Whites are still going strong. Have a good evening!


  2. Just stumbled across this, and good to see another of Ban’s family on here. My name is Peggy, my children are the great grandsons of Bam White. They are the grandchildren of Melvin “Tuck” White, the oldest son, of Bam’s second family. It is an amazing story, and having reviewed direct information from Bam, and ensuring my kids know who their ancestors are, has been important. And Wayne is right, the Whites are still going strong!!!


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