Cause and Effect in Two Photos

Cause and Effect in Two Colorful Photos.

It’s All About Your Perspective

In Austin, Texas, we take our local landmarks seriously, and our city ordinances decree that new high-rise condos must not exceed the height of our beloved homegrown businesses.

How To Lead The Creative Life

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." —Joseph Campbell

Welcome to Austin, all ye visitors to SXSW. You're gonna love Austin. We all do. You're about to find out why Austin, Texas makes every Top Ten list anyone ever thought of.

The Challenge Comes With A Risk: Print, Or Paint?

As a photographer who paints, and a painter who photographs, there's a challenge and a risk I'm often faced with: Print, or Paint?

"Remember the Alamo!" If you're leading a charge against a conquering army with but a ragtag rebel force, you can rally your troops with this trusty, time-tested cry. Remember the Alamo? Not the one that began its life in San Antonio, Texas, and was made famous by a battle on this day in 1836, but the... Continue Reading →

Perfection Is Overrated.

See and read my imperfect works at my website.

Has HDR Gone Too Far?

Did your (very) human eye see the scene you photographed and post-processed the way your HDR image looks? Not likely.

My image library is overflowing with photographs of abandoned places. They are evocative. They provoke my storytelling curiosity.

Let It Flow

Weekend inspiration from Jann Alexander and a handy little app called Notegraphy.

#Creativity: It’s a Wrap | Creative Blocks

When creative blocks strike, and they will, you can relax, strategize, think and deal with these insights and ideas from creativity gurus.

7 Steps to Everyday Creativity

You can make creativity into an everyday thing in seven steps by focusing on the everyday.

Painting Trees: Only the Loneliest Need Apply

The loneliest trees are the worthiest of painting, for the order they bring to disorder; for their steady, uncomplaining winter ritual; for their slow, patient growth.

The Inescapable Frost Tower

Is the Frost Bank Tower stalking you? It follows you all around downtown Austin and appears magically in this series of photos of downtown Austin.

#Creativity: It’s a Wrap | On Balance

Among the most thought-provoking pieces I discovered for the new feature I'm debuting today, #Creativity: It's a Wrap, are those that take aim at finding balance.

How I Became An Unintentional Publisher

Being a publisher lets me do what I love to do: write, paint, photograph, read, design, learn, share, repeat.

Trapped By An Attraction To Light

"I look at light: how it plays, bounces, delineates, colors, dances and defines by its abundance or lack thereof. I am utterly attracted to, captivated by, smitten with and besotted by light."

Here’s to Halcyon Days Ahead for Legal Vices

Some of Austin's towers are getting pretty overtowering, but locally-owned Halcyon is holding its own against Austin's first real tower, the Frost Bank Tower. As Brittany Highland writing in the Austinot reminds us (via twitter), you can get your caffeine or alcohol or nicotine or sugar or panini or just plain people-watching fix satisfied... Continue Reading →

How to Jumpstart Your Creative Mojo

Creatives have to conserve energy every now and then, or risk total creative meltdown. If you're facing a creative sinking spell, here's how to take a big time out.

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