Magic Made of Steel

Set your speed at 65 mph and take aim with your iPhone. Professional drivers only.

Summon the Power of the Blur

With just one tap of your finger, your iPhone photography takes focusing to the next level—near, or far.

A Letter from a Writer to Her Characters

A writer's characters progress through joy, pain and growth, just like we do. In the process, we all get close.

Perfect for Fleeting Moments

Life is fleeting; for its most ephemeral moments, we have our iPhones.

How Papa and POTUS Got Their Words Down

Leading authorities trust their words to none other than the Writing-In-Sight typewriter.

What Happens When You Let Go

Letting go encourages good habits because it creates space for so much creative abundance to move in.

A Fresh Sign of Spring

Behold the signs of fresh life—spring!—emerging in Austin front yards.

Back By Popular Demand

Backed by a new band, The Towering Cranes, Austin's most beloved icon appears daily on the shore of Lady Bird Lake.

Good For What Ails Ya—With a Little Kick

A rusty sign on a bar reflects the marketing genius behind the 1950s tonic, Hadacol, and its magic ingredient.

45 Quotes to Inspire You

No sense flailing around in a creative vacuum. You can't wait for inspiration—find some here.

What It’s Like

You may be possessed by your paints, or smitten with your characters, but life goes on.

Orange on Corduroy Like Flies on Rice

Here's a ski tip: There are always rewards for having your IPhone handy, especially on a ski slope.

I Need a Reward

When you really need a reward—like after a long day of bookkeeping—try this.

Not You. Rainy Days Don’t Get You Down.

Proving once again that creative people are unique, your poll results show what ducks you are.

Being There Isn’t the Only Reward

The rewards of photography include those unexpected glimpses into others' lives.

Composition by the Rules

There are rules to be followed, and there are rules to learn and reject.

Surprise Someone on Wordless Wednesday . . .

Write a few words on Wordless Wednesday and surprise someone with a handwritten note—yours.

Prescription for a Creative Funk

When you find the creative winds deflating in your sails, try a different tack. Take a time out.

Today’s the Day for Small Acts of Compassion

What does it mean to be compassionate? Today, more than 1000 voices speak.

One Word Only

Here's my Wordless Wednesday tribute to a grill only a mother could love.

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