How To Celebrate The Holidays Like A Texan

Holiday greetings from Texas to all y'all. I'm anticipating some celebrating, aren't you?

Where Old Typewriters Go to Die

Why do writers have such a love-hate relationship with their writing devices?

The Hippest Holiday Art Fair in Town

Find out why the Austin American-Statesman calls the Blue Genie Art Bazaar "simply the hippest holiday art fair in town."

Shopping Local With The Locals

There's more than mere fun and festivities involved when you shop local.

The Power of the Flower . . . and the Pie

There's a powerful connection between print making and pie baking before the holidays.

Are You Captive to Clutter?

Here’s my recipe for getting a grip on your chaos-driven, clutter-filled life.

Unfolding in Luxury

Enjoy an image that unfolds in slow, sensual luxury, from my Naturescapes collection.

Just One Word on Wordless Wednesday

What more can you say but yellow? Turns out, there’s a lot more. But it’s Wordless Wednesday.

Collecting Eye Candy for Inspiration—and Fun

Collecting eye candy is a snap for most visual types. And it’s a harmless way to find inspiration for your own work.

How Collecting Art Is Also Collecting Stories—Yours

What does a photograph mean to me? To you? Photographs, like all art, elicit our emotions and our reactions, and the connections that we make with them. What touches me (because it has the value of my experience) may not be what moves the collector (you), who'll be living with the art every day. When... Continue Reading →

The Naturescapes Shop Is Open for Art Collectors

Whether you've already got a serious art habit, or you're just starting to collect art, take a stroll through my new Naturescapes Shop.

Why I Can’t Resist a Window

Windows and doors are irresistible to me. They offer enough symbolism to crank up anyone’s creative engine.

How to Talk to a Photographer Like She’s an Artist

Photographers, like painters, present their vision of what they see to the world. Like painters, they're artists. Talk with them about their art the same way.

Yummy Enough to Eat, But Far Better to Collect

Artist Lynn Bridge creates mosaic plates in her Austin, Texas studio, complete with eating utensils. But you don't eat the food on these plates, because they're collectible art.

Are Shelfies The New Selfies?

A shelfie seems like a generous way to share your library of ideas, instead of your silly selfie face. Shelfies also reveal how unique you think your intellect is, but they can show how deep is your soul.

Trapped By An Attraction To Light

"I look at light: how it plays, bounces, delineates, colors, dances and defines by its abundance or lack thereof. I am utterly attracted to, captivated by, smitten with and besotted by light."

How Do You Move 95+ Austin Landmarks in One Day?

When you're faced with moving more than 95 Austin Landmarks (in the form of hundreds of framed and/or matted prints and posters) in one day, there's only one way to do it.

There’s an App for That: Achieve Your 2014 Tech Resolutions

Get your tech affairs together so you have more time for creativity in 2014. It's nearly 2014. The year will begin with experts' columns, advising us on New Year preparations, resolutions and goals. Generally the best recourse is to read these columns, save them in a location where you'll never find them, and then procrastinate until... Continue Reading →

The Gift I Treasure Most

There are lots of lovely gifts under the tree, but there's one I treasure above all others.

All Decked Out For the Holidays

Vanishing Austin—the ongoing photography series that tries to stay ahead of the wrecking ball—is looking pretty festive this month, at its first appearance at Austin's annual anti-mall, shop small, holiday gift show, the Blue Genie Art Bazaar. The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is decidedly aimed at Austinites who believe that to live local, you shop... Continue Reading →

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