Location, Location, Location

When worlds collide in Texas, there's a novel (or ten) in it.

The Next Best Thing To Time Travel

If only I could rev up my Time Machine for my historical fiction research. Instead, I made a few workarounds.

When The Narrow View Widens Out, It Becomes Universal

Building on our own experiences and emotions creates the truest art we can make.

Ordinary Actions And Memorable Reactions

When every action yields a reaction, the choices become pretty important.

Not You. Rainy Days Don’t Get You Down.

Proving once again that creative people are unique, your poll results show what ducks you are.

Why Your First Novel Will Always Be Your Favorite

How, and why, does the first novel you wrote remain your favorite?

Does Weather Influence Your Creativity?

Are the many moods of creativity affected by weather? Take a short survey about your own creative response.

What’s Everyone Got Against Adverbs?

Is your writing adverb-free? I hope not. Here's my case in favor of those lushly descriptive modifiers of verbs.

A Year to Measure by the Numbers

There are many measures of a year, but for me, 2014 is most memorable in pictures.

All On Board With Minimalism

What influences your photography style? Minimalism can require a minimalist treatment.

Unintended Redundancies

Following the signs that appear in your life can lead to unintended redundancies.

Does Beer Make Others More Interesting?

Are fall Saturdays popular days for Americans to kick back with a cold one? Enjoy a few signs of the season and take a pop quiz.

How to Create Just to Create

Just create to create: It sounds so easy! But what if you can't get in the flow? Here are seven tricks to inspire you.

Blogging Rocked My World—And Showed Me the Greater Good

Unexpectedly, my newfound blogging habit pushed me into more positive territory than the morning news ever could.

Shooting the Perfect Mexican Martini

Shake 'em, shoot 'em, edit 'em—it's all good when you mix Mexican martinis with an iPhone 5s and Adobe Lightroom.

Practice Awareness to Tap Your Creativity

The benefits of being mindful are many and well-noted. But perhaps not so acknowledged is the way awareness turns on the creative spigot.

Why The Fear of Ruining Your Art Will Ruin Your Art

The desire to make your painting perfect, and the fear of ruining it, will always lead to painting doom. But there are ways to overcome art fear.

Ask Yourself Six Questions to Skyrocket Your Creativity

Curiosity can shift your attitude so that you're seeing magic in what's been seemingly mundane, and your creativity will skyrocket.

How Collecting Art Is Also Collecting Stories—Yours

What does a photograph mean to me? To you? Photographs, like all art, elicit our emotions and our reactions, and the connections that we make with them. What touches me (because it has the value of my experience) may not be what moves the collector (you), who'll be living with the art every day. When... Continue Reading →

Yes, Ideas Flow from Life—And Also from Inspirational Aids

There’s no doubt that some of our best ideas come when we’re away from the office, in the flow of life. But when we’re stuck at our desks, there are aids to help the flow.

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