Art + Visibility

A single quote sums up what art does, and does not do, from a master of visibility: Paul Klee.

Cursive in the Crosswinds This Week

Sometimes themes emerge and merge; this week, letters and cursive and sketching had the upper hand. Pick and choose from the stories in the crosswinds.

What Remains

For inspiration, all you need is patience to see what remains.

Pearls of Wisdom, in Cursive

One thing leads to another on a hunt for a lobster roll in Maine—where you can find pearls before lobster and study the lost art of cursive, too.

The True Meaning of the Art of Letters

Lettering Required: When you're devoted to type, college and career requirements can enable lifelong passions, especially to the art of letters.

Use All The Colors

As a writer, words are your paint. Here's a quote from Rhys Alexander to remind you to use all the colors.

When in Doubt, I Hit the Road

When you're in a creative drought, just hit the road. Literally or virtually, you can juice your creative flow and find new ways of looking at old things.

What Ideas Have In Common With Bunnies

Ideas are like rabbits, said John Steinbeck. May you have many. Happy Easter.

Yummy Enough to Eat, But Far Better to Collect

Artist Lynn Bridge creates mosaic plates in her Austin, Texas studio, complete with eating utensils. But you don't eat the food on these plates, because they're collectible art.

Have You Ever Been Possessed?

Bauhaus artist Paul Klee found himself possessed by color after an influential trip to Tunisia. But time spent in Italy informed his art as well.

Why Making Art Is Messy

Making art is messy for a reason. It's to remind us that we won't ever get it just right, or even close to perfect.

On the Edge of Two Worlds

In Yucatán, there's a tiny Mexican town whose contemporary roots are never far from its Mayan past.

How to Awaken the Creative Spirit

A sunflower about to bloom is filled with intrigue. It's poised on the verge of emergence and seems so hopeful, just like the creative spirit. Here are a few ideas to awaken yours.

Are Shelfies The New Selfies?

A shelfie seems like a generous way to share your library of ideas, instead of your silly selfie face. Shelfies also reveal how unique you think your intellect is, but they can show how deep is your soul.

Are you at your desk, in front of your laptop? Are you at your easel, in front of your canvas? Great. If an idea comes, you'll be ready for it.

How Does Nature Inform Your Art?

Nature can inspire, enlighten and intrigue you in ways that bring meaning to your art.

Divergent in Photography and Thought

Robert Frost's 1916 poem still holds meaning for me, and finds its way into my photography, and my life.

Inspiration by Graphic: It's all about you. Who you are is what you make, and what you make of it.

Pi in the Sky Writing

Look up. You can retrain your eyes to shoot above and beyond and indulge in some sky writing.

You Are a Fountain of Ideas

You are an inexhaustible fountain of ideas. If you don't believe it, find some inspiration among writers writing on writing.

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