A closeup photograph can offer you an inside look at your subject's true meaning.

Where Inspiration Comes From

There's no need to make the creative process into a big mystery to outsiders, or even yourself. It all comes from your influences.

Why It’s Called Social Sharing

You won’t be noticed, much less discovered—there is too much competition from the entire global community for your one little drop in the big web bucket to get found. Instead, start local, where your roots are.

How To Lead The Creative Life

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." —Joseph Campbell

Perfection Is Overrated.

See and read my imperfect works at my website.

Let It Flow

Weekend inspiration from Jann Alexander and a handy little app called Notegraphy.

#Creativity: It’s a Wrap | Creative Blocks

When creative blocks strike, and they will, you can relax, strategize, think and deal with these insights and ideas from creativity gurus.

7 Steps to Everyday Creativity

You can make creativity into an everyday thing in seven steps by focusing on the everyday.

Painting Trees: Only the Loneliest Need Apply

The loneliest trees are the worthiest of painting, for the order they bring to disorder; for their steady, uncomplaining winter ritual; for their slow, patient growth.

Trapped By An Attraction To Light

"I look at light: how it plays, bounces, delineates, colors, dances and defines by its abundance or lack thereof. I am utterly attracted to, captivated by, smitten with and besotted by light."

How to Jumpstart Your Creative Mojo

Creatives have to conserve energy every now and then, or risk total creative meltdown. If you're facing a creative sinking spell, here's how to take a big time out.

Finding Wisdom Along the Mayan Path

Discovered: a generation strengthened by sisterhood along the Mayan path.

How Can We Overcome Barriers to Creativity?

We think of barriers quite literally, as physical obstacles in our paths. But barriers can be much more debilitating to our creativity when we impose them upon ourselves. "As long as more walls still stand...We’ll need more of you, young people, who imagine the world as it should be; who knock down walls; who knock... Continue Reading →

Light meets design makes shadow creates pattern bathes piano attracts musician rides bike brings color makes music becomes art = pairings, unexpected . . . “Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition.” ― MAX ERNST _________ Some Related Juxtapositions: Austin Is a Town of Continual Juxtapositions... Continue Reading →

Windows and Doors Have Stories to Tell . . .

How can you pass by an intriguing window or door by without making note, or making a picture? There's a story to be told behind them . . . Doors and windows are openings to Mystery Who is this woman Beckoning? and why? Or is she beckoning no one? Is she merely wary, curious, observant? . .... Continue Reading →

What man has made of steel and concrete becomes beauty when mirrored by nature; and the mind can only improve upon what's not seen. Imagination takes over to create a much more eloquent vision than three bland office towers, standing above an Austin shoreline.  ______ BUY A PRINT of On the Lake by Jann Alexander and... Continue Reading →

The Gift I Treasure Most

There are lots of lovely gifts under the tree, but there's one I treasure above all others.

What most creatives know about happiness is this: If they can't create, they can't be happy. Here's to the thrill of the creative effort and happiness for all in 2014: Phillip Q. Gangan on The Path to Creative Happiness: "Creativity . . . is an integral part of everyday life, both at work and at play.... Continue Reading →

What You’re Most Expecting Doesn’t Happen Until You’re Least Expecting It

I was so certain I'd have those cowgirl boots under the Christmas tree that year. After all, I'd wanted them really badly last year, I'd made that clear to Santa and my parents and whomever else might have been listening, and they hadn't appeared. So I'd been extra special good the whole next year, and... Continue Reading →

More Steps to Creativity—for Visual Learners

No matter your learning style, there's more than one way to skin the creativity cat. Take a look at the wealth of tools offered in this idea-packed infographic (that visual learners will love), from Neoman, a UK creative agency. — "Creativity is not a science, it is a problem solving tool." —Neoman — HOW DO YOU... Continue Reading →

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