A Rare Treat: An All-Art Issue from Rare Magazine

Featured in the Art issue of Rare this month, my work (including my Vanishing Austin photo series) is in good company with many notable Austin visual and performing artists: Rare Magazine :: August/September 2009 :: Art ♣

The Stars Come Out at Night

I have long been fascinated by juxtapositions, and this one always grabs me as I approach downtown in the early evening on West 6th Street. Despite all of the other condos rising high above the Frost Bank building, its lighted tower top seems to always find a spot in my photographs of Vanishing Austin. With... Continue Reading →

Finally, Overtaken

More than a year before a corporate giant’s expansion plans doomed Las Manitas, I enjoyed my first breakfast there amid the late Saturday morning hub-bub and was greeted as warmly as a regular by Cynthia Perez, one of two sisters who’ve owned the Congress Avenue café for over 25 years. She took note of my... Continue Reading →

Movin’ On—Carefully

How do you move a neon sign? Especially one that's achieved icon status in Austin? As it turns out, very carefully. When the Night Hawk Frisco Shop moved from its original Austin location at Burnet Road and Koenig Lane to new digs a bit south on Burnet Road, of course its original neon had to... Continue Reading →

What Would Johnny Say?

Progress overtook a humble little bar on Austin's West 5th Street, but the bar is still intact.

What’s Vanishing Next?

At a much-loved Austin coffee shop on West 6th Street in Clarksville, a young man behind the counter handed me my biscotti, looking on in astonishment at my Vanishing Austin series. "All these places are gone??" he asked, seeming a bit dumbfounded. "No no no," I told him hastily. "This series of photographs is my... Continue Reading →

Is Your Austin Vanishing?

Soon a bland corporate hotel chain revered the world over for its predictability will stand in place of this textural, colorfully cheeky block of individuality, replacing the contrasts of angles and styles and skies that exist now along Congress and 2nd. A corporate logo stamped on countless buildings will take the place of the gaudy... Continue Reading →

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