15 Things Learned From 1440 Miles of Texas In Six Days

There are miles and miles of Texas that include bugs, glamour, bison and treasures, to name just a few things.

Making The Transition

Nature gives us a lesson daily, when the transition from day to night begins.

Think In Threes To Amp Up Your Photos

You don't have to be a math whiz when you're dividing by three to conquer your compositions.

How To Handle Flowers With Care

You can edit your iPhone photos to look like they were shot by a pro (you) in a few easy steps.

Where You Focus Is Where You’ll Go

In photography, as in life, where you focus demonstrates your vision. Here's how to show it in your photos.

Where Inspiration Lies, Motivation Lurks

Inspiration is everywhere. But motivation has a misunderstood, trickier aspect to it.

How to Handle the Competition

There's a simple way to focus the viewer's eye on what your photograph is all about.

Twelve Ways to Get Enveloped in Big Bend

There are thousands of ways to get enveloped by Big Bend National Park in Texas. Here are just a dozen.

Life and Death in The Bend

The endless loop of nature's cycle plays out in Big Bend National Park, Texas.

The Intricacies of Entanglement

The unintended consequences of hiding are worth exploring, as I'm doing while writing my novel-in-progress.

Capturing a Fish Frenzy

When things never stop moving, there's an iPhone app for that.

Shameless Photos of Dog in Motion (Mine)

Photos of dogs and cats online are the internet's joke to self. Except when the pet's your own.

Pampas Grass in Motion

It sways, it shimmers, it makes a magnetic shape-shifting tableau against a darkening summer sky.

Lily Pads Afloat

The sometimes mysterious behavior of flora we admire is hidden from view.

What I Like About Photography

Take a walk and keep your iPhone handy, because there's always another picture around the bend.

Marking the Memory

Not every photograph can be a masterpiece. Sometimes marking the memory is enough.

Summon the Power of the Blur

With just one tap of your finger, your iPhone photography takes focusing to the next level—near, or far.

Perfect for Fleeting Moments

Life is fleeting; for its most ephemeral moments, we have our iPhones.

A Fresh Sign of Spring

Behold the signs of fresh life—spring!—emerging in Austin front yards.

Not You. Rainy Days Don’t Get You Down.

Proving once again that creative people are unique, your poll results show what ducks you are.

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