A Shoe Shine in New Orleans, Two Bits?

You can find a seasoned shoe shine man in Jackson Square to shine your shoes and tell some tales.

Behind the Scenes in New Orleans

Where can you find the most fun, and the most powdered sugar, in the entire Big Easy?

A Reminder of Who’s Gone, But Not Forgotten

Such an eloquent reminder of lives lost in lively Jackson Square: All lives matter.

Contrasting Angles with Shadows

Finding sharp angles in nature is unusual, and complementing them architecturally a challenge.

Lost and Found Treasures

How does discovery reward the disorganized mind? With bounty and sweetness.

Following the Signs

Signs can lead you in many directions. Follow a few of these to see where they lead you.

All On Board With Minimalism

What influences your photography style? Minimalism can require a minimalist treatment.

What’s Not to Like About Texas?

Here's an ode to a state that's bigger than its appetites, in photographs.

Shooting Waves of iPhone Photos

There's a little-known pro feature built into your iPhone camera that will increase your odds of capturing a great action shot.

Descent from the Pinnacles

The way down can be more difficult than the way up, especially in Big Bend.

Miles Upon Miles of Motel Doors

A road trip across the West in 1980 turned up lots of memorable motel doors, among many other finds.

A Dreamy Dawn on The Sea of Cortez

The dawn light yields some ethereal images in the Mexico Baja.

Signs of Changing Times

The times, they have a' changed (to misquote a famous lyric). But not necessarily in South Dakota.

When the Nighttime Is the Right Time

There are times when neon signs make nighttime the right time for a memorable photograph.

SeaGlass Under the Editing Glass with iOS 8

Try editing sea glass (either the tiny frosted bits hidden on saltwater islands, or the wine that demands sipping) within Apple's iOS 8.

Finding the Light at Day’s End

From golden time to twilight to dusk, the best light can be found when it's waning.

In Search of the Hidden Falls

You can't always get what you want. But if you try, some times, you just might get what you need.

Lessons in Human Nature from Unlikely Subjects

Children showing off human nature make the greatest teachers: See how they pose for the camera.

When to Be Careful What You Wish For

In life, it's best to hope for adventure, but to be careful what you wish for. Especially in the Grand Tetons.

Adventure Awaits Capture

There is no certainty but one: When you don't record the moment, your adventure is but a memory.

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