A life lost, a photograph found but words, not. Some days are just that: wordless.

When Serendipity Makes Your Shot an Image

When you expected the unexpected, serendipity can become your photographic assistant.

My Room With a View

My room with a view is dedicated to inspiration for my writing, distraction-free save for my view.

A Lesson in Patience on the Pier

If we’re open to it, we can learn patience anywhere, even from a heron modeling it on a Florida pier.

Harmony With a Twist

Two views show how Florida skies display harmony with the sunset’s color palette.

On Searching for Brilliance

A short tale of finding what I wasn't searching for, with a twist—of color.

Finding Art in Architecture

Art is everywhere, not just in museums, often in the architecture of well-preserved towns--where their sense of place honors their architectural past.

How To Keep Shooting—At 75 MPH

When you're in a car, itching to shoot what's flashing by, but there's a window and 75 mph between you and your fast-moving subjects, you can still shoot the scenery with these pro tips.

Pearls of Wisdom, in Cursive

One thing leads to another on a hunt for a lobster roll in Maine—where you can find pearls before lobster and study the lost art of cursive, too.

Letters from the Past, in Upstate New York

When it's golden time, the choice may come down to nature v. man. Give me a ghost sign, a shiny neon sign and an old diner, and I'll visit the lake next time.

When in Doubt, I Hit the Road

When you're in a creative drought, just hit the road. Literally or virtually, you can juice your creative flow and find new ways of looking at old things.

The Delights and Perils of the Spanish Dagger

Timing is everything. One can acquire patience and prudence with a Spanish dagger in an Austin, Texas front yard, but will be rewarded with a stunning display of blooms.

A Pot of Gold On Top of the Badlands

The Badlands of South Dakota have drawn me in nearly every decade of my life, and even rewarded me for my loyalty.

Have You Ever Been Possessed?

Bauhaus artist Paul Klee found himself possessed by color after an influential trip to Tunisia. But time spent in Italy informed his art as well.

A Monument to the Ghosts of Terlingua

In Terlingua, Texas, a tiny ghost town along the Mexico border, an historic cemetery serves as a monument to former miners felled by harsh working conditions.

On the Edge of Two Worlds

In Yucatán, there's a tiny Mexican town whose contemporary roots are never far from its Mayan past.

Divergent in Photography and Thought

Robert Frost's 1916 poem still holds meaning for me, and finds its way into my photography, and my life.

Life on the Street in Color

A photo gallery shows that street life in Mexico can get pretty colorful behind a cloak of stillness.

Watering the Desert: Reflections as Distortions

Reflections of the vast brown Chihuahuan desert that surrounds a vivid green church in a tiny Mexican village are distorted by more than sundown.

The Challenge Comes With A Risk: Print, Or Paint?

As a photographer who paints, and a painter who photographs, there's a challenge and a risk I'm often faced with: Print, or Paint?

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