My image library is overflowing with photographs of abandoned places. They are evocative. They provoke my storytelling curiosity.

Painting Trees: Only the Loneliest Need Apply

The loneliest trees are the worthiest of painting, for the order they bring to disorder; for their steady, uncomplaining winter ritual; for their slow, patient growth.

Snowed Under in Seco

Beneath a blanket of snow in Arroyo Seco, there must be a story to go with a small and lonely child’s grave marker at La Santisima Trinidad mission church. There's a peacefulness to the tiny cross, bravely making its mark alone in the snow, that comes with a sorrowful implication of a cold white blanket... Continue Reading →

Finding Wisdom Along the Mayan Path

Discovered: a generation strengthened by sisterhood along the Mayan path.

When a Polaroid Was Instant Gratification

A 1980 image of three small-town buddies reminds us of a time when a Polaroid was instant gratification, and in some rural Western mountain towns, not much else.

How Can We Overcome Barriers to Creativity?

We think of barriers quite literally, as physical obstacles in our paths. But barriers can be much more debilitating to our creativity when we impose them upon ourselves. "As long as more walls still stand...We’ll need more of you, young people, who imagine the world as it should be; who knock down walls; who knock... Continue Reading →

Windows and Doors Have Stories to Tell . . .

How can you pass by an intriguing window or door by without making note, or making a picture? There's a story to be told behind them . . . Doors and windows are openings to Mystery Who is this woman Beckoning? and why? Or is she beckoning no one? Is she merely wary, curious, observant? . .... Continue Reading →

Visit a place where the sky meets the horizon in Maine.

A Restorative Walk in the Woods

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." —JOHN MUIR, 1938 The power of the woods to restore: I found Cedar Creek in Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas, during a restorative walk in the woods, with no destination, no deadline and no demands, on a crisp fall day. More of my photographs... Continue Reading →

In 2004, there was architectural eye candy everywhere you looked in Austin.

Where the Elite Eat in Waco

What could be tastier on Mondays than 2 for 1 Burgers at The Elite Cafe in Waco, Texas? Serving an elite road food clientele, including Private Elvis Presley, along the Waco Circle since 1941.

It Was Beautiful That Afternoon

A summer cycling trip through Idaho, approaching the Grand Tetons, led to a beautiful afternoon, and later became inspiration for a painting. Related articles Grand Teton, wonder and frustration ( Fine Art Photographs and Paintings by Jann Alexander (

Oh, the stories we can tell, when we have a connection with our art.

Terlingua Ghosts

There's a tiny speck of a town in Texas along the Mexico border that ensnares most visitors to nearby Big Bend National Park for at least an afternoon. Its curious origins, quasi-historic status and the dusty faded remnants of its former mining life under a brutal desert sun attract the odd hiker, the off-the-beaten path... Continue Reading →

Getting My Weekly Wacky Fix

As a self-defined seeker of the wacky, I've cultivated a number sources I follow online to get my Weekly Wacky Fix. These are some of the more creative bits I've read this week, many of which I round up every Friday in Time Traveling. The current buzz term for this is content curation, so that... Continue Reading →

How Can They Call It Health Camp?

How did a burger and shake shop on I-35 get the name Health Camp? We can only speculate. But we sure can enjoy.

I Wanted to Be a Nun. Here’s Why.

You can't escape your roots. In my paintings, photographs and calligraphy, the artful elements of my Catholic upbringing have made their mark on me.

"If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there." —Yogi Berra Being prompted by a WordPress Daily Prompt, State of Your Year, is a great way to start a regular habit: assessing where you're at mid-way through the year, or at any time that's right for you. Why assess where you're at? Well, just... Continue Reading →

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