Photos at Dawn? Sure, Give Me a Balcony and My Coffee

Early morning light has its devotees, but requires an exacting price. Is the coffee on yet?

Being There Isn’t the Only Reward

The rewards of photography include those unexpected glimpses into others' lives.

Are You Tired of Red and Green Yet?

The holidays might benefit from a color update. How about yellow?

Why Your Next Stop Is The Last Stop

Austin's Blue Genie Art Bazaar might just be your last stop for holiday shopping.

A Dreamy Dawn on The Sea of Cortez

The dawn light yields some ethereal images in the Mexico Baja.

The State of The Arch: Printed or Painted

Calling all readers: Help make the choice between the painted arch and the photographed arch.

A Fortress in Yellow along the Convent Route

One fortress meets another, in a time-honored tale of conquest in Yucatán—from my Mission: Mexico journey.

Where You Can Become Immersed in Texture

A photo essay shows the visual feast of texture and color that's ripe for photo immersion across the border.

When Time Stopped in Izamal

The story is told in pictures of an all-yellow city in Mexico's Yucatan that takes you back into a mysterious past.

A Contrast Between Life and Death

Photography excels at capturing contrasts—between dark and light, shadow and bright, death and life.

A life lost, a photograph found but words, not. Some days are just that: wordless.

Why I Can’t Resist a Window

Windows and doors are irresistible to me. They offer enough symbolism to crank up anyone’s creative engine.

A Monument to the Ghosts of Terlingua

In Terlingua, Texas, a tiny ghost town along the Mexico border, an historic cemetery serves as a monument to former miners felled by harsh working conditions.

On the Edge of Two Worlds

In Yucatán, there's a tiny Mexican town whose contemporary roots are never far from its Mayan past.

Life on the Street in Color

A photo gallery shows that street life in Mexico can get pretty colorful behind a cloak of stillness.

Watering the Desert: Reflections as Distortions

Reflections of the vast brown Chihuahuan desert that surrounds a vivid green church in a tiny Mexican village are distorted by more than sundown.

The Challenge Comes With A Risk: Print, Or Paint?

As a photographer who paints, and a painter who photographs, there's a challenge and a risk I'm often faced with: Print, or Paint?

Snowed Under in Seco

Beneath a blanket of snow in Arroyo Seco, there must be a story to go with a small and lonely child’s grave marker at La Santisima Trinidad mission church. There's a peacefulness to the tiny cross, bravely making its mark alone in the snow, that comes with a sorrowful implication of a cold white blanket... Continue Reading →

Finding Wisdom Along the Mayan Path

Discovered: a generation strengthened by sisterhood along the Mayan path.

Windows and Doors Have Stories to Tell . . .

How can you pass by an intriguing window or door by without making note, or making a picture? There's a story to be told behind them . . . Doors and windows are openings to Mystery Who is this woman Beckoning? and why? Or is she beckoning no one? Is she merely wary, curious, observant? . .... Continue Reading →

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