Finding Satisfaction in the Last Shot on the Last Day

Being on the water in Maine taught me that the most unexpected things are the ones that bring lasting satisfaction.

Where You Focus Is Where You’ll Go

In photography, as in life, where you focus demonstrates your vision. Here's how to show it in your photos.

Twelve Ways to Get Enveloped in Big Bend

There are thousands of ways to get enveloped by Big Bend National Park in Texas. Here are just a dozen.

Capturing a Fish Frenzy

When things never stop moving, there's an iPhone app for that.

Pampas Grass in Motion

It sways, it shimmers, it makes a magnetic shape-shifting tableau against a darkening summer sky.

Lily Pads Afloat

The sometimes mysterious behavior of flora we admire is hidden from view.

Ice Panic in Austin

An ice storm could be on the way to Austin, Texas, and that's good news for no one but photographers.

Unfolding in Luxury

Enjoy an image that unfolds in slow, sensual luxury, from my Naturescapes collection.

So Simple, So Sweet, It Needs No Words

Just one simple, sweet photograph that necessarily speaks for itself.

Finding the Light at Day’s End

From golden time to twilight to dusk, the best light can be found when it's waning.

When to Be Careful What You Wish For

In life, it's best to hope for adventure, but to be careful what you wish for. Especially in the Grand Tetons.

So Many Photo Apps, So Little Time

How many apps does it take to edit an iPhone photo? Well, that depends on how many you have.

Look Closely at The Secret Lives of Plants—and Prints

Just like two side-by-side prints, elements of the natural world are engaged in dialogue, too.

Nature Is Imagination Itself

How do you see nature? Is it, as William Blake said, imagination itself? That's what trees are for me.

Color Gone Wild in Maine

Making the most of a short summer, Maine's wildflowers erupt in a riot of vivid color.

Shimmering in the Late Sun

Shimmering in the late afternoon sun, these river birches whispered in collusion and begged for a photo.

When the iPhone Camera Yields a Surprise (or Two) Inside

You can use your iPhone like a macro camera to offer up more than one surprise inside.

Finding That Sweet Lagniappe in Photography

It's always sweet to find that unexpected reward in your photographs—that unexpected extra detail to make the shot an image.

The Naturescapes Shop Is Open for Art Collectors

Whether you've already got a serious art habit, or you're just starting to collect art, take a stroll through my new Naturescapes Shop.

Timing Is Everything

You and your camera are a team, with a few simple tricks of good timing.

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