Do Bad Things Always Come In Threes?

Here's evidence that good things come in threes, too.

That’s What I Like About Texas

When you get off the beaten path, Texas shows you its hidden treasures.

Boundaries That Are Designed To Overcome

Some boundaries demand us to push beyond them; in Scenic, South Dakota, it took awhile.

Inspired By What’s On The Way

There are discoveries to be made on the way to any destination, if you're on the lookout.

Strong at the Broken Places

One of Ernest Hemingway's most enduring pieces of writing still inspires.

Good For What Ails Ya—With a Little Kick

A rusty sign on a bar reflects the marketing genius behind the 1950s tonic, Hadacol, and its magic ingredient.

One Word Only

Here's my Wordless Wednesday tribute to a grill only a mother could love.

Are You Tired of Red and Green Yet?

The holidays might benefit from a color update. How about yellow?

Shakespeare Slept Here (in Austin)

A little-known fact about Austin, Texas, is that Shakespeare spent his formative years here.

Following the Signs

Signs can lead you in many directions. Follow a few of these to see where they lead you.

What’s Not to Like About Texas?

Here's an ode to a state that's bigger than its appetites, in photographs.

So Many Signs, So Little Time

Life gets a lot more interesting when you try to make sense of all of the signs.

Does Technology Always Point the Way?

While it may be possible to predict the future, it's much easier to predict the past–thanks to the 1964 World's Fair.

Miles Upon Miles of Motel Doors

A road trip across the West in 1980 turned up lots of memorable motel doors, among many other finds.

Unintended Redundancies

Following the signs that appear in your life can lead to unintended redundancies.

Signs of Changing Times

The times, they have a' changed (to misquote a famous lyric). But not necessarily in South Dakota.

When the Nighttime Is the Right Time

There are times when neon signs make nighttime the right time for a memorable photograph.

Lessons in Human Nature from Unlikely Subjects

Children showing off human nature make the greatest teachers: See how they pose for the camera.

Let There Be Rust!

In praise of rust: an homage to one of photography's timeworn but favorite subjects.

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

You might be surprised at how well the theory of color psychology nails your personality.

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