Making the Call: Go Big or Go Indie?

There are pros and cons to veering off the traditional path to self-publishing. Ask yourself five questions to decide.

Top 5 Things a Writer Learns at a Publishing Conference

There are a few strategies for making the most of any conference you attend, including these five.

Death Becomes Us . . . on Social Media

It's never too late to wake up and smell the wildflowers on social media, even on your deathbed.

The Best 2014 Buzz Words in a Fable of Our Times

Challenge to Self: Write a short story for our times, using the oddest additions to Webster’s this year, including words I had to look up.

Attention Small Brands, You Can’t Waste Time on Facebook Anymore

It's time for brands to quit wasting time on Facebook. Its familiarity is comforting, but the results for brands are not. What to do instead?

Are We Enslaved By Our Tech Tools?

The marketplace is so crowded with content and platforms for sharing and communicating. Choice is a powerful thing. But it can leave little space for the creative ideas that are waiting to bubble up.

Why It’s Called Social Sharing

You won’t be noticed, much less discovered—there is too much competition from the entire global community for your one little drop in the big web bucket to get found. Instead, start local, where your roots are.

How I Became An Unintentional Publisher

Being a publisher lets me do what I love to do: write, paint, photograph, read, design, learn, share, repeat.

Raise a Glass to Pressgram: An App That Plays Nicely With Cava and Creative Control

Thanks to a new iPhone app by John Saddington called Pressgram, creatives are able to publish their own images directly to their blogs and -- here's the big concept -- maintain ownership of them, by sharing on a platform that insists they must own their content, too. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there is no fine... Continue Reading →

Dumping Facebook, Dating Twitter, Avoiding LinkedIn and Flirting with Google+

How social media encourages us to flirt, date, avoid, dump, repeat.

Your Image Is Your Brand

Your image is your brand: what you present is what you become known for. You must guard your image, nurture it and tend to it. Here's how.

Twitter, We Have to Talk

After celebrating our three-year anniversary, I'm still as madly, deeply head-over-heels with Twitter as ever.

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