When Every Angle Edges Up

When every angle leads up, you can't fight it. And your iPhone has a way of showing your eye where to go.

Is This Any Way To Have Fun?

Who wouldn't have fun at Austin's Big Rock Candy Mountain? Here are the delights that await on the annual Weird Homes Tour.

What To Do When The Details Surround You

If you believe, as I do, that life is lived in the details, your camera must always be ready to take in what you can't.

Commentary on Cranes and Their Creations

Travel back to the future of Austin, Texas—when the cranes came to build condos.

Here's my look back to 2004, when I became smitten with Austin, and soon found it vanishing.

Think In Threes To Amp Up Your Photos

You don't have to be a math whiz when you're dividing by three to conquer your compositions.

That’s What I Like About Texas

When you get off the beaten path, Texas shows you its hidden treasures.

Ah Grids, How I Love Thee

Do we like grids because they make sense in a nonsensical world? I do.

Whitley’s Went. Then Came A Tower.

An 18-story tower arises from a humble print shop in downtown Austin.

Good For What Ails Ya—With a Little Kick

A rusty sign on a bar reflects the marketing genius behind the 1950s tonic, Hadacol, and its magic ingredient.

Unnatural? The Human Eye Craves It

What we don't see, we crave. Does that explain symmetry in our built environment?

Yes, Austin, Funk and Swank Can Coexist

Happy 175th birthday, Austin! As our boom times continue, here's an ode to peaceful coexistence straight out of a Johnny Cash song.

Contrasting Angles with Shadows

Finding sharp angles in nature is unusual, and complementing them architecturally a challenge.

How to Shoot a Texas-Size Panorama

When you encounter an interior that is as impressive as the Texas State Capitol's dome, you'll need to shoot like a Texan.

Tapping Into The Power of Power Lines

Yes, you can turn on the power by making power lines into a powerful element in your photographs.

Count the Condos and the Cranes

Get a panoramic view of Austin's condos and cranes by kayak, from the center of Lady Bird Lake.

The State of The Arch: Printed or Painted

Calling all readers: Help make the choice between the painted arch and the photographed arch.

Where You Can Become Immersed in Texture

A photo essay shows the visual feast of texture and color that's ripe for photo immersion across the border.

When Time Stopped in Izamal

The story is told in pictures of an all-yellow city in Mexico's Yucatan that takes you back into a mysterious past.

You Say You Want an Evolution?

The evolution of Austin, Texas has been swift. Or has it been a revolution?

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