Creativity Works…When You Work It

If you're a creative type, you already know this. But who doesn't need this reminder, every now and then?

All Heart and Soul: Anna Blake’s Memoir

A memoirist throws herself heart and soul into her love letter to the Colorado prairie.

Requirements for Writing Fiction

Required prerequisite for fiction writers: Embrace your dual gifts.

How Do You Start What You’re Afraid To?

If you're struggling to get started on your creative passion, you can start where you left off.

Why Your First Novel Will Always Be Your Favorite

How, and why, does the first novel you wrote remain your favorite?

Making Space for What Counts

Making space for what counts is not so much a resolution as a life goal. Here's how I'm doing it this year.

Are You Captive to Clutter?

Here’s my recipe for getting a grip on your chaos-driven, clutter-filled life.

Knowing When to Stop

Having a framework for writing is almost as important as the writing itself. We can learn from the writing rituals of the great ones.

There Is Truth In What You Paint: Yours

Perfection isn’t what painting is about. It’s about finding your truth, and you can remain committed to that by letting go of art fear.

Why The Fear of Ruining Your Art Will Ruin Your Art

The desire to make your painting perfect, and the fear of ruining it, will always lead to painting doom. But there are ways to overcome art fear.

Are You Important Enough to Have Writer’s Block?

The sun may set on your creative block, but it will rise again. And because you've stayed committed, you'll be ready to do what you do.

What’s Your Creative Personality?

Is your creative personality fed by travel, productivity, fashion, caffeine or . . . what? Here's what stokes eight different creative types.

Focus Only on What You Are Writing Now

Follow the 11 Commandments of Writing and Daily Creative Routine, according to Henry Miller, in 1932.

How Can We Turn Distractions Into Focus?

The impulse to distraction will always be with us. But to find focus, we can look within, where our own best experts live.

Why Making Art Is Messy

Making art is messy for a reason. It's to remind us that we won't ever get it just right, or even close to perfect.

How to Awaken the Creative Spirit

A sunflower about to bloom is filled with intrigue. It's poised on the verge of emergence and seems so hopeful, just like the creative spirit. Here are a few ideas to awaken yours.

Inspiration by Graphic: It's all about you. Who you are is what you make, and what you make of it.

How to Deal With the Loneliness of Creativity

"Creativity is Essentially a Lonely Art . . . An Even Lonelier Struggle" - Lou Dorfsman

How To Lead The Creative Life

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." —Joseph Campbell

Perfection Is Overrated.

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